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About the owner

The owner of Phil’s Handy Service, Inc. started his career in 1986 as a carpenter’s apprentice. At the age of 21, he had purchased a 1920’s home and did his first complete renovation, acquiring all necessary permits. This home was not your typical remodel; it was a complete reconfigure with a beautiful loft bedroom and vaulted cathedral ceilings. This home was also re-wired, re-plumbed including new drain lines, new gas pipes and new windows and doors. Phil moved on to open his first construction company in 1994  remodeling  quality kitchens and bathrooms along with many other services. Phil sharpened his skills as he started restoring 1800’s Victorian age homes, to their original beauty. His new talents included making custom trim to match as 1800’s trim was not available anymore and also milling replacement parts. The original windows and doors were often in bad shape after a century of ware and tare. Parts were often missing or damaged, so he developed smart techniques to overcome seemingly impossible problems. In doing this, Phil cemented his sharp eye to the details, that he carries on to each job site today.

Dedication to Quality

We are known for our devotion to quality, and after 30 years as a construction professional, this is one thing that will never change. We insist on using only the finest materials available and demand the same quality of work from any subcontractor we work with on a project. We always strive for 100% on-time completion and often finish the job early.

Dust control

Phil’s Handy Service recognizes that kitchen and bathroom remodeling will be done with the customer occupying the home.

This is the reason we always utilize the latest in dust control measures to protect the air quality of the home.

Full project control

We are a hands-on remodeling contractor, maintaining 100% full project control, from the start of the design process to final clean up. Doing this ensures that the remodels we complete meet the highest standards.

EPA Lead-safe certified Contractor EPA CERT # NAT-26458-1

Most homes built before 1978  have lead paint hidden under layers of new paint. This can pose a grave health hazard to children and pregnant women. Because of this, Federal law requires any professional disturbing 6 square feet or more of painted surfaces in an interior renovation will have to possess an EPA certification. 

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