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Kitchen Remodeling

Open concept kitchen by Remodeling Contractor. Location Pasadena Golf and Country Club Gulfport, FL.

We bring experience to the table. After over 30 years of kitchen remodeling,

you can rest assured,  We will design and build the stylish and functional cooking area of your dreams. 

We offer many design styles and materials. 

Open concept, Small space, Galley, Spacious Islands, thirty plus cabinet choices, and many first, second and third tier granite to choose from. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Beautiful Bathroom Renovation featuring the Jacuzzi infrared Sauna in Tampa Fl near Macdill AFB.

We are experts in small space bathroom redesign using our vast experience and unique design techniques.

 We utilize every possible square inch, breathing new life into old outdated bathrooms.

 Using the perfect tile mated with a well thought out layout ensures your new bath is not only just beautiful but also one of a kind.

Custom Granite

Custom made kitchen island with elegant granite countertops by Tampa Remodeling Contractor.

There are many countertops on the market today, but granite is still the most beautiful option. There is nothing else actually like a custom cut piece of stone handcrafted and highly polished.

When it comes to granite, there are so many variations in patterns and color it's imposable to have an accurate sample sheet. So we have our customers go to the granite warehouse and put their hands on the stone they wish us to install.

Open concept wall removal

Beautiful small spaced kitchen featuring full granite backsplash. Renovated by Remodeling Contractor

Today the leading trend in kitchen remodeling includes the open concept.

 Achieving this takes some extra planning and will require an architect.

To ensure that removing walls does not compromise the integrity of the structure.

This type of project typically involves the employ of a licensed electrician and a plumber.

Custom shower stalls

Custom shower stall featuring travertine wall and floor tile.  Formed in soapstone. Gulfport, FL.

Almost every customer has a dream shower in mind. We enjoy designing and building one of a kind shower stalls. Using only well-made water-resistant materials.

Incorporating high-end drains, top choice tile, shampoo nooks, inlaid corner soap shelves, and custom shower seats topped off with granite or marble curb seal and seat caps.   

Bath accessories

Custom shower stall. Featuring large format tile. Accent band and shower caddy with hand wand.

  • Multi shower heads
  • Shepherds Hook Shower arm
  • High end drains
  • Teck wood seats and stools  
  • Cabby system with  hand wand
  • ADA grab bars 
  • Frameless  shower doors
  • Open doorless glass enclosure
  • Wall mount televisions 

More Services


In the kitchen, the flooring should be water resistant.

Tile has always been the number one choice for its longevity and durability. 

There are some new wood look, vinyl plank flooring on the market today that add a beautiful warm look to your kitchen.

Cabinet repair

 Cabinetry can sometimes need a little repair.

  • Drawer face repair
  • Under sink water damage repair
  • Hing replacement
  • Cabinet door repairs
  • Trim repair

Custom Trim

Trim work is the finishing touch that counts.

  • Crown Molding
  • Oversized baseboards
  • Base shoe
  • Base quarter round 
  • Cabinet side pannels

Infrared sauna Install

The latest trend in luxury baths incorporate the dry heat Infrared  sauna.

Bathroom redesign

We are experts in transforming old outdated bathrooms into new luxurious spaces with comfort and functionality in mind.

Kitchen redesign

We start with thoughtful design techniques to fuse usability with functionality, creating a stylish environment making  everyday cooking a pleasure. 

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